Fidelity UK Foundation

"When we invest in an organisation, we consider it a partnership. If we can help that organisation become more self-sufficient, we feel we’ve achieved something."
Edward C. Johnson 3d, Chairman

The Fidelity UK Foundation was established in 1988. The principal donor is Fidelity Worldwide Investment.

Taking an investment approach to grant making, we fund strong charities where we feel we can add lasting, measurable value. We seek to support strategic initiatives that enable charitable organisations to reach new levels of achievement. Grants are intended to strengthen charities and encourage the highest standards of management and long-term sustainability.

Please read the Guidelines to assess whether your organisation and funding need fall within the Foundation's grant criteria. Please refer to How To Apply to understand the Foundation’s application procedure and information needs.

The Foundation receives many more applications for grants than it is able to fund. We regret that not all applications that fall within the Trustees' guidelines will receive grants.

Thank you for your interest in the Fidelity UK Foundation.

Scam emails purporting to be from the Fidelity UK Foundation

We are aware that scam emails and letters claiming to be from or associated with the Foundation are being circulated. Some quote our address and use staff names to make the email appear genuine. Some emails notify the recipient that they have been awarded a grant – the Foundation does not operate in this way, and would always be in direct contact with a charity prior to considering a grant award. Such emails and letters are fraudulent and have not been sent by the Foundation.

If you receive a suspicious email or letter, our advice is that you do not reply to it.